Saturday, December 7, 2013

Festive Fall Flora and Fauna

Alright, this post leans heavily on the flora mentioned in the title, but if you look carefully you may be able to spot some bipedal apes here and there. It was undeniably autumn when I started this post, but I fell behind on blogging just as leaves fall from their branches. In a whirlwind of leaves, family visits, a couple of Thanksgivings and just a dash of snow, winter is here. The temperature this week hasn't been too bad but I know it can't last. Fall is gone, but it is not forgotten. Lets take a few moments to remember the good times before we venture further into the cold...

The Daegu arboretum featured a chrysanthemum festival that I went to twice! I went with some friends on a Sunday, and the following Wednesday my school took a teacher's outing there. I won't complain about two trips in one week. It's nice to experience the fresh air and atmosphere of the festival. During the festival they have large living flower sculptures of animals, buildings, and even a dragon. The pathway is lined with potted plants and walls of flower buds. The normally quiet arboretum is crowded with people viewing the flowers and fall foliage. I went at the beginning of the festival, so most of the flower sculptures were packed with buds only just starting to bloom. Later on I'm sure they were bursting with flowers...

My fellow 6th grade teachers strutting through the park.

These were taken more recently downtown when +Connie  and M came for a visit.

I'm in love with the variety of shapes and sizes Chrysanthemums come in.

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