Saturday, October 26, 2013

Herb Hillz

Earlier this month I finally went to check out Herb Hillz, a local eco theme park. They have gardens, strange art pieces, a little carnival area, and zip lining! I came for the zip lining with my friend Chélyn.

We chose the King Kong course, which is entirely above the ground around the park and takes about an hour to complete. After a quick safety demonstration entirely in Korean we were set loose on the course completely unsupervised. We just had our ill-fitted helmets, gloves, safety harness, and each other.

We were the only two people on the King Kong course at the time, so we got to take our time psyching ourselves up to complete the obstacles. We started up a rock wall and then made our way through various obstacles in the canopy. There were nets, rope ladders, zip lines, and even a snow board you had to jump on to go between two trees. Even while strapped into a safety harness, some things were challenging to mentally overcome. The zip lines themselves are pretty fun but a little stressful towards the end of your ride. It's all fun and games until you realize you have no breaks and you will be hitting this padded tree to stop. After impact you need to recover fast enough to grab the rope to the platform before you start sliding backwards into zip line purgatory (center of the line, no momentum). Over all really fun, and completely do-able.

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