Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Long Lost Apartment Tour Post!

I admit I did a poor job of promptly posting this after announcing it months ago... But fear not! I have changed my terrible ways, at least long enough to follow through with my promise of an apartment tour! Okay, I didn't really change my ways, but was forced into action when my co-teachers suggested a potluck dinner at my place, being that I'm the only one who doesn't still live with their parents. (Koreans don't usually leave the nest until marriage, due to high rent prices) With this new found motivation I made everything presentable and therefor more photogenic. So here it is, at long last! Theresa's apartment in Daegu South Korea:

Here you can see the door to my kitchen/ entry way from my room.

This shows approximately 4/5ths of my apartment.
 Laundry room on the right, bathroom off to the left.

This is the view of my room from the bathroom. Note the Queen-sized
 bed taking up all of my floor, and the complimentary giant wall art! I say complimentary,
 but what I really mean  is that it is painted on the wall and I can't remove it! Yay!

The art also comes with a complimentary Konglish proverb!

                      This is my little kitchen!            Laundry room, complete with dirty laundry!
                                                                     Also, no dryer! It's all hang dry in this house.

I just bought the plant for my house. It makes me happy and helps my little apartment feel like home. For those of you who don't know, I'm a bit of a plant fanatic. Plus it is good to help freshen up the air in my small living space, at least according to NASA studies.

This is my bathroom in all it's glory! Note the sink/shower combo!
As a result the floor can get a little wet...
...Which is why I have these bad boys! Go-go pink shower slippers!
Did anybody get that I tried to make an Inspector Gadget reference there?
I'm slowly but surely trying to make the space mine. I added a plant, some wall hooks for my kitchen stuff, a calendar of Eyvnd Earle paintings of California... I'd like to get a small bookshelf here as well.

Photos that I had/were sent to me and  a Korean  Magpie I drew for wardrobe decoration.

My glow-in-the-dark dino, protecting my cellphone as it charges.
That's it for now folks! See you again soon!

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