Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flat Stanley at 비산조등학교 (Beesan Elementary School)

A few weeks ago Flat Stanley arrived in my mail box to become an exchange student at my school in Daegu South Korea. These are his adventures so far:

Stanley in the 6th grade English classroom.

Standard school lunch: rice, soup, kimchi, vegetable, and protein dish.

In the cafeteria!

Hallway to English class.

Looking out the third floor window to the school yard below.

Here, Stanley meets the classroom's very own flat teacher's assistant.

Stanley has already made plenty of friends in the 3rd grade!

At many restaurants, food is cooked in front of you at the table!

This dish has rice, meat, veggies, and cheese!  

Stanley was very helpful!

Downtown Daegu is very popular.

In Korea, you can have McDonald's delivered to you at home by someone on a scooter!

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