Sunday, May 12, 2013

Daegu Lantern Festival and Merrymaking!

 Daegu had a lantern festival this weekend that I attended Saturday night. I almost didn't go because I was tired from walking all day in the heat and wanted to nap. Luckily I talked myself into getting up and on to the bus, because I had a great time! By the time I arrived to Duryu Park, they were setting up the floats in the street and beginning to block off traffic. There were activities set up in the baseball stadium where people where lighting  large paper lanterns and  and letting them bobble up into the night sky. It was such a festive atmosphere you couldn't help but walk around smiling at everyone!

Some of my students found me at the park and proudly asked
 "What's your name?" in English in front of their parents.

A Korean man with good intentions insisted he take a photo of me with
my camera. I should have had the focus on a more user friendly setting... 

Waving goodbye to their lantern as it embarks on its voyage.

Up, up and away!

Fireworks explode while the lanterns continue to float away.

After the fireworks people made their way from the baseball stadium to the street for the lantern parade!

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