Saturday, March 2, 2013

The teacher has landed!

I have finally arrived in Daegu and am in the process of unpacking my belongings and putting them away in  my new apartment! Well, at least I intend to put them away. Right it appears as if my suitcase exploded all over my floor and bed. Now that I have Internet one again I can give you some important updates:

 I've been placed at an elementary school and will be teaching grades 3-6. I have three Korean co-teachers who I will be working with. Two of them picked me up after the orientation and helped me get settled into my new apartment (I had to go out and buy bedding, toilette paper, bowls, and cutlery etc.). My apartment is larger than I was expecting, and everything is new except for the furniture. The furniture and a few kitchen items were left over from the last NET (Native English Teacher), who I suspect owned a cat judging by the claw marks and cat hair stuck to the TV. Once I get settled in a bit more I will give you all the grand tour of my place.

Yesterday was my first attempt to go downtown using the bus system. I got off way too late and ended up walking all the way home after finding downtown. Below is a rough estimate of my journey in purple:

It was rather cold out and my feet really hurt by the end of it. Once I got back to my apartment I failed to remember the correct order of button pushing to grant myself entrance into the building. I had to wait about 10 minutes until some girl came downstairs and took pity on me.

Today I'm happy to report that I successfully went downtown using public transportation, and have mastered the front door! When I got back home a man unexpectedly came by to set up my Internet. I feel so much better being able to access the Internet! I was feeling like a lonely hermit in my little apartment, but now I can arrange to meet up with my fellow NETs and catch up with friends back home.

Back to the subject of work, I'm within walking distance to my school and will time my journey tomorrow to see how long of a walk it is. My new Principal stressed the importance of being on time at the school and I do not want to be late! I officially start work on Monday and was told I will be able to observe a few classes before actively participating in teaching. I look forward to spending more time with my co-teachers. They were incredibly sweet and took me out to dinner after helping me buy the essentials for my apartment.

Next up! The apartment tour!

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  1. I'm willing to bet they've learned over time that unless they really really push the issue of being on time with Americans... we won't be.