Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gone for a Little Seoul Searchin'

I have arrived in Korea and have since been in a whirlwind of airports, buses, metros, and stairs. Sooo many stairs! No, really; checking into my hostel in Seoul required five flights of stairs. I arrived late Monday night and got to my hostel without incident. I met up with my fellow future English teachers and the very first thing I ate in Korea was Beondegi or roasted silk worm larvae. One of the teachers held out a paper cup and offered one to me.  To my credit, I was able to keep it down, however it is not an experience I wish to repeat. Let's just say that it's no chocolate covered cricket.

I am happy to report that the following day was filled with much better eating experiences. The food has been great! It has all been very flavorful and the spicy dishes have been the perfect amount of heat for me.

I went around Seoul with my friend Justin, who I met while studying abroad in France a couple years ago. He's been living in Seoul with his family so he was able to pick me up and give me a driving tour of his favorite locations. This was particularly useful because it was COLD outside for this poor California girl. 20F  with a windchill factor isn't the most pleasant strolling temperature at night. I did hop outside ever so briefly to see the Han river. I tried to take a photo with my phone but I couldn't hold the damn thing steady, I was shivering so much. We also ventured into the cold for some street food. It was so cold while walking that my eyes hurt. I think they were trying to retreat back into my skull for warmth. 

Today I got on a bus to my orientation location in Daejeon. We were given a welcome package that includes towels, a sweatshirt, and our training booklets. This is the view from my dorm room:

I have seriously been lagging on taking photos, but fear not! There will be more! It will most likely have to wait until after my orientation. I have 8 days of lessons and outings that will be occupying my time. Next post: Arriving in Daegu! 

                                                        Isn't this the cutest sewer cover ever?


  1. 다행 당신은 그것을 안전하게 만들었 어!

    Google translate is your friend.

  2. 사기꾼!

    나도 사기꾼입니다 같아요.

  3. Google translate and I are besties ;)