Thursday, March 21, 2013

Starting my New Life in Korea

I've been slowly but surely settling into life in Korea. I have a general routine I stick to. Weekdays I go to school, then come home and make dinner in my tiny kitchen. Friday night I go downtown with friends for dinner and a few drinks. Then the rest of the weekend I try to do a little exploring, a lot of relaxing, catching up with friends and family on skype, and finding people to go out and get food with :) Now if I only scheduled time to work on my blog, maybe my posts would be a little more coherent! At least I actually took some pictures for you this time!

Just some cheap snacks to go with our drinking. That pot of ramen was about $1!

Sunday's lunch: All this was for two people and came out to $5 each!

Out of all those plates, this was the only dish we actually ordered. The rest came with the meal.

A good portion of my apartment life consists of strangers ringing my bell out of the blue, speaking Korean, and then coming into my apartment. While getting ready for school one morning my doorbell rang. It was the landlord who spoke no English, but I gathered that they were installing my smoke detector by the ladder and device in hand. This weekend I was still in bed Saturday morning and my door rang. I got up in my pajamas and un-brushed hair to a lady who came in to check the gas. They stand awkwardly at my door speaking Korean until I invite them in, do their business and then go. I'm just waiting for some robbers to ring my door bell and politely tell me their going to rob me in Korean, get invited inside, take my stuff and then leave with me standing by confused. I'm only joking of course, I have a security code on the front entrance to the building so that would never happen. They would have to call my room first and get buzzed up, which is my default practice when I don't understand whats going on!

The weather has been warming up lately and the trees are revealing the first signs of spring :) Overall the parks and trees are still rather bare, but around every few corners you can find a tree or bush starting to burst with blooms!

See you later!


  1. Awesome :D Your photos are so much better than mine... :P

  2. So cute Theresa! Brian and I have been logging on to your blog regularly and we're enjoying the updates. The food looks great and we're glad to hear you're adapting to the cultural change. Keep up the good work and know we're thinking about you.

  3. Sounds like you need to learn the Korean equivalent of "No habla Espanol"!