Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Learning to Dive in El Nido

The boys and I decided to get our PADI Open Water Diver Certificates while in the Philippines. It was a way to treat ourselves for completing a year abroad in South Korea, and considerably cheaper than getting certified back home. After researching different dive centers in El Nido, we went with Submariner Diving Center, which was an excellent choice.

Everyone at the center was friendly and helpful. We spent the most time with our instructor André, so naturally he was our favorite, but all of the other instructors that we met were great as well. André gave very clear instructions but also put us at ease so we weren't afraid to do any of the tasks. He joked back and forth with us, and just really made the whole experience amazing.

The diving spots were beautiful places to learn. We saw coral and turtles, and cute little fish.The first day of diving I didn't take any pictures with the GoPro because I decided to focus on not dying. After that I was confident enough to do a little multi tasking. Most of the photos came out pretty blurry, so at the end of the trip I decided to focus on videos for the remainder of my dives.

One of the boys doing a skills test.
Behind our perfectly buoyant leader 

Rafi taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him.

Photo courtesy of +Aubrey Littleton 
Above is a picture of us with our awesome instructor André on the right. 
Below is a picture of all the new open water divers for the day!
Photo courtesy of  Rafael Meier
 Now we were ready for the next leg of our trip and two more dive days! Next up is our journey to Coron!

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