Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Ladybug Battalion and Other Life Updates

My little window box garden on the balcony has recently become infested with aphids. After using some safer soap I discovered it burned my poor calibrachoa blossoms to a crisp. For a few days I used a squirt bottle to dislodge the aphids with water, but I was only winning small battles. I needed an army to win this war!

I decided to get some ladybugs. I didn't think they would stay very long in my tiny garden, but I was hoping they would at least clear out what pests I had before flying off into the sunset. Three days later and I apparently have enough aphids to keep a few dozen happy ladybugs around.

Patrol on the calibrachoa!

The ladybugs really like my silver leaf thyme. I think there are bug eggs on the leaves for them to devour.

I didn't know my rose scented geranium had aphids until the morning after I released my red and black army. My geranium is hardy enough to withstand an aphid attack so I don't mind it housing food for my soldiers. Now I enjoy sipping tea on the balcony watching the beetles 'do their thang'.

In other news I'm going to Florida for a week . It will be my first time on the East coast outside of an airport. When I return I'll get back to job applications... Somebody needs to hire me soon!

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