Saturday, April 12, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

Hello everyone! I'm officially announcing my return to California. I've been home for over a week now but I've been pretty busy. I'm still in the process of slowly moving my belongings from one area to the next and running errands like getting my car back and paying for auto insurance again. I've also reunited with my cat and he's settling into the new apartment. He wasn't excited to see me, but he tolerated me which is better than running away from strangers. To be fair, he was pretty grumpy from matted hair and fleas. I took him to the vet where he got a really uneven hair cut, but I'm sure he feels a lot better not being itchy or tangled. He's adapting pretty well to the indoor only life thus far.

Today I went for a walk on one of my favorite local trails. The hills are all green right now and some wild flowers are popping up. It smelled like home. I missed being able to enjoy the outdoors in comfortable weather and fresh air. I look forward to many more walks in the area.

Now that I'm settling in I can finish up my last Vietnam post and then share all of my adventures in the Philippines and Thailand that took place last month. It's good to be back :)

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