Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cat Cafe in Seongnam Seoul

Hey look! A post with cats to distract you from the fact that I have not been posting!

I've been feeling a little feline-deprived since leaving my cat Geronimo behind back in February. Luckily, Korea has a solution for those who need some kitty loving but don't have the means of keeping one of their own. I present to you, the Cat Cafe. Cat cafes are places where you can have a drink and cat companion too. 

Behold! The kitty snuggles!
From what I've been told about cat cafes, the quality can really vary depending where you go. This particular cat cafe was near perfect. It was clean, there was no smell, and it had a wide variety of friendly cats of various ages. There were a lot of toys and climbing structures to stimulate the cats as well as provide them an escape from the humans. Even +Steven enjoyed the little beasts. They also had complimentary lint rollers on your way out to hide the evidence. I say near perfect because there was nobody on hand to slap the teenage boy that was tormenting the cats. +Aubrey would have been more than happy to take that job.

When you come in you get to wear some sweet cat slippers, use some hand sanitizer, and order your preferred cafe beverage. While the the drinks are being made you start to mingle with the locals.
Won't you join us?

Eventually an employee came over to us and gave us some cat treats to hand out. That made us incredibly popular for a few minutes.Then they left us for the small children with treats. Easy come, easy go I guess. I had a wonderful time and will be going back for sure!

Yes, that's it. Come to me, my kitties!

Stop hogging the Camera Stevie!

Owl cat on the lookout.

Owl cat on the lounge.

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