Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Little Weekend Whimsy!

Living in a larger city has its perks, but there is not nearly enough green. Walking from my apartment to school everyday is a jungle of concrete, bricks, and tile. There are no open fields or front yards. The only plants I see other than city trees and at school are in little mismatched pots and other containers  along the side of the road. I miss having a yard and a garden, or at least neighbors with yards to admire. It feels a bit unsettling if I focus on it for too long. There are parks I can go to, but since they are out of my way it takes a bit more effort on my part to get there.

I think that's why I like the arboretum so much. It takes me a long time to get there, but once I get there I don't regret it. I feel more relaxed, like I can breath easy again even though I did not know I had been holding my breath. It's just so quiet compared to the constant noise of the city. Last weekend I went with +Aubrey and +Philip when they came to visit in Daegu. We had a nice time walking around and I got to take some snapshots with my new Totoro figure. For those of you who don't know, Totoro is a forest spirit from the Miyazaki film My Neighbor Totoro. It was a good excuse to go out and about in the greenery.

This weekend I went for a little hike to Mt. Palgong. It was about an hour bus ride from downtown, but I was excited to actually drive through the countryside! I drooled over the amount of nurseries and plant shops we passed, even though I can't purchase anything. I certainly miss being close to the country side. The central coast of California has spoiled me.

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