Sunday, April 21, 2013

Acceptance of all Things Adorable and the Hello Kitty Cafe.

Spring has been busting out all over the place! The cherry blossoms are gone but the trees that were barren skeletons a couple weeks ago are now covered in fresh green leaves. The weather has been gradually warming up, although there are still cold and windy days. 

One aspect I find endearing about Korea is their love of cute things. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, you can enjoy bows, and cartoonish prints. Even the safety signs have adorable little characters telling you not to get stuck in the metro doors. I've seen grown women in professional work attire whip out their cellphones that have been encased in the body of Hello Kitty. When I was looking for a backpack there were a plethora of cute prints that may be viewed as childish in western culture. Naturally I chose the one with a lime green zipper, dead animals, owls, and hearts with mustaches.

Daegu even has a Hello Kitty Cafe. No rose colored glasses required. The building itself is an overdose of pink. Even the beverages are adorned with Hello kitty's image in the foam.

It's soooo pink!

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  1. Spring looks beautiful and you look great too. Don't forget to explore the bathhouses!